Contraceptive Pill Brands Meeting 28th September 2016

This meeting took place on 28th September 2016, and was an opportunity to discuss and update each other on the various types of contraception now available, including different brands of medicine. Several members were absent from this meeting due to unforeseen circumstances, and have sent their apologies.

Dr Hussain presented the topic “Contraceptive Pill Brands”, followed by a presentation by Dr Claire Stansfield about the “FSRH guidelines on the management of problematic bleeding in women using hormonal contraception”, followed by a presentation on “Contraception After Childbirth” by Dr Hussain. The presentation on Contraceptive Pill Brands grouped pills according to their oestrogen and progesterone content.

Attached below are the minutes of the meeting and the presentation that went with it:

Contraceptive Pill Brands Presentation

PennineGPLearning Meeting Minutes 28th-Sep-2016

Please be aware that information in the field of medicine changes all the time, so we cannot guarantee the accuracy of this data when you read it, it is here for General Practitioners to learn.