Persistent Physical Symptoms Service Meeting 30th Jan 2024

This meeting took place on Tuesday 30th January 2024. 

Dr Rachel McEnery was our guest speaker for the evening. She is a GP working within a specialised Persistent Physical Symptoms service in Bradford. Dr McEnery shared her knowledge on the science behind persistent physical symptoms (pps), how to explain PPS, helpful interventions and signposted the group to useful resources. 

The presentation and notes of the meeting are attached below. Dr McEnery also shared documents outlining how to help your brain feel safe and a comprehensive review of evidence of benefit of certain medication and other medical interventions. 

The document notes “There are some problems with the evidence we have for some treatments. Often problems occur when rolling out a trial e.g they are too short, small, using biased methods so the validity of results is questionable” and “Finally, Cochrane basically conclude that a multidisciplinary approach is needed, conventional analgesics are usually not effective and only a minority of individuals achieve a worthwhile pain relief. You may have come to a similar conclusion yourself with your experiences of the medical model. We highlight the drugs that show evidence of being effective”  

Attached below are the meeting presentation and question and answers:

Please be aware that information in the field of medicine changes all the time, so we cannot guarantee the accuracy of this data when you read it, it is here for General Practitioners to learn.