Thinking Errors in Medical Practice Meeting 19th October 2016

This meeting took place on 19th October 2016, and was an opportunity to for members to discuss and update each other on various miscellaneous topics. Several members were absent from this meeting due to unforeseen circumstances, and have sent their apologies.

Dr Hussain presented a summary of “Thinking errors in medical practice”. The group discussed how these issues can affect your ability to make a diagnosis and that being aware of them could help avoid pitfalls associated with them. The group also discussed some cases and identified the relevant thinking errors. We learned that “anchoring bias” is one of the most common thinking errors in medical practice.

Attached below are the minutes of the meeting and the presentation that went with it:

Thinking Errors in Medical Practice Presentation

PennineGPLearning Meeting Minutes 19th October 2016

Please be aware that information in the field of medicine changes all the time, so we cannot guarantee the accuracy of this data when you read it, it is here for General Practitioners to learn.