Intermittent Fasting 24th June 2021

Dr Sophie Newton shared her knowledge on intermittent fasting with the group. The presentation outlined the different types of intermittent fasting, fasting physiology and the various benefits of fasting including weight loss and autophagy. The presentation was followed by an extensive discussion within the meeting as well as on the WhatsApp chat forum. 
Key dietary changes that Dr Newton recommends to patients include: 
  • Try to pinch an hour each way e.g. finish eating 7pm and start eating 8am 
  • Benefits of stopping as early as possible but adherence is king so has to work with their life
  • Evidence suggests 5 out of 7 days Time Restricted Feeding (TRF) just as beneficial as every day TRF
  • Extend longer every couple of weeks depending on goals and preferences e.g. if aiming for 16 or 18 hour fasting period but currently eating 16 hours and fasting only 8 can increase fasting period slowly. 
  • Can be done alongside other interventions e.g. increase protein, swap out processed carbs for veg, mindful eating etc. 
The presentation is attached below: 

Please be aware that information in the field of medicine changes all the time, so we cannot guarantee the accuracy of this data when you read it, it is here for General Practitioners to learn.